Power Breakfast

  • Robert Bellarmine Chapel 4515 Roberts Road Fairfax, VA, 22032 United States

Ladies & gentlemen! The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Not only will we be having the Blessing of the Brains after the 10PM Mass Sunday, December 11th, but we'll be providing a free feast the next day!!! (It's Monday, December 12th at 10PM to Midnight!)

It's POWER BREAKFAST TIME! Come to your favorite chapel and get fueled for finals as we close up the year with a ton of delicious breakfast food #TreatYoSelf. After all, this may be the only thing to get you through finals! (That and Jesus, of course!)

French toast, CHEESY eggs, fruit salad, CHEESY potatoes, and so MUCH MORE! .... 'nuff said. 

We know you'll be up, so let us feed you! Bring your friends, enemies, and frenemies!

See ya'll there!

January 3
SEEK 2017