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Bible Study Schedule

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(Note: You do not have to be Catholic to be in a Bible Study)


Spring 2014

Men's Bible Studies
Year Day Time Leader Location Topic
Freshman Tuesday 6:00pm Joe Moschetto Hampton Roads 5th Floor Common Room The Crux
7:00pm Alec Manriquez Hampton Roads The Crux
7:30pm John Hunnell Hampton Roads The Crux
Wednesday 6:30pm Michael Hill The Hub Other
8:00pm Brendan Keane TBD The Crux
Thursday 7:30pm Connor Xavios Northern Neck Boys to Men
8:00pm Matthew Clem Hampton Roads Other
Freshman Sophomore Friday 1:00pm Arragon Perrone Hampton Roads Salvation History
All Undergraduates Sunday 4:00pm Mike Antonacci JC Christ-like Leadership for Men
Tuesday 8:00pm Andrew Davis Sub I The Crux
8:45pm Mike Antonacci JC The Crux
Freshman Junior Monday 1:30pm Mike Antonacci SUB 1 The Crux
Sophomore Monday 4:30pm Tyler Fabian Hampton Roads Other
8:00pm Brendan Keane Whitetop Salvation History
Sophomore Junior Sunday 3:00pm Tomas Ledon Sub 1 Salvation History
Thursday 9:00pm Mark Stinard Johnson Center The Crux
Sophomore Junior Senior Sunday 7:00pm Dan Carmichael JC The Crux
Monday 5:00pm Arragon Perrone Hampton Roads Other
6:00pm Dan Carmichael My House The Crux
Tuesday 10:00pm Stephen Paquette Student Apartments Other
Thursday 7:30pm Arragon Perrone Hampton Roads Other
8:45pm Mike Antonacci Library Other
Sophomore Senior Tuesday 8:45pm Mike Antonacci Library The Crux
Junior Senior Thursday 7:30pm Mike Antonacci the Hub Acts of the Apostles
Friday 1:45pm John Lilly HUB Boys to Men
Senior Grad Student Monday 3:30pm Mike Antonacci SUB 1 Scriptural Apologetics

Women's Bible Studies
Year Day Time Leader Location Topic
Freshman Tuesday 3:00pm Lauren Schroth Eastern Shore Christ-like Leadership for Women
6:00pm Karla Ponciano JC Cinema Other
7:00pm Holly Vizek JC The Crux
7:00pm Valeria Sierralta JC 219A Apologetics
Wednesday 4:30pm Anabel Tapia HUB The Crux
7:00pm Lauren Murray Northern Neck 1 Corinthians
7:00pm Namhee Kim Hampton Roads Living Gospel: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Catholics
Thursday 7:00pm Jackie Smith Eastern Shore Other
7:30pm Mary-Kate Rivenburg Hampton Roads The Crux
Freshman Sophomore Monday 1:00pm Ninoska Moratin HUB Info Desk Couches Other
Sophomore Sunday 3:00pm Kara Hollis JC Living Gospel: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Catholics
Tuesday 5:00pm Kathryn Blair Hampton Roads Other
Thursday 9:15AM Teresa DeBrey Fenwick Other
Sophomore Junior Sunday 1:00pm Cassie Malato Student Apartments Other
Sophomore Junior Senior Monday 9:00pm Christina Mathews Liberty 3rd floor Acts of the Apostles
Wednesday 8:30pm Annie Rowson Student Apartment Other
9:00pm Maddy Bernero JC Courageous Virtue
Junior Sunday 7:30pm Lindsay Butkus JC 1 Corinthians
Monday 9:00pm Imani Walcott JC Christ-like Leadership for Women
Wednesday 6:00pm Jess Campbell JC Other
Thursday 9:00pm Rachel Ferguson JC Courageous Virtue
Junior Senior Monday 5:00pm Emma Dickinson HUB The Crux
Wednesday 7:10pm AZ Zeller JC Other
Friday 3:00pm Emma Dickinson HUB Other
Junior Senior Senior+ Monday 8:30pm Ninoska Moratin Northern Neck The Crux
Wednesday 8:00pm Ninoska Moratin HUB Info Desk Couches Other
Senior Monday 3:30pm Maria McDonough JC info desk Acts of the Apostles
Tuesday 6:00pm Maria McDonough Northern Neck Other
Wednesday 7:30pm Carrie Wagner Liberty Living Gospel: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Catholics
Thursday 7:30pm Maria McDonough JC Info Desk Other
Senior Senior+ Monday 8:15pm Carrie Wagner Off campus Living Gospel: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Catholics