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Bible Study Schedule

If you are interested in joining a Bible Study, and please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or just curious about the faith, anyone can join a Bible study!

We're still plannig Bible study times, check back mid to late Septmenber for the schedules. The schedule listed below is from last semester if you're curious about how many or how frequent they are - there's a Bible study for everyone!


Men's Bible Studies: Fall 2015

Leader Year(s) Affinity Group Day Time Location Bible Study
Pablo Barrios Sophomores   Monday 5:00 PM Liberty Common Rm  
Randy Castro Freshmen   Monday 10:00 PM Sub 1  
Joey Gruenwald Upperclassmen   Tuesday 5:00 PM hub  
Marco Cerritelli Freshmen   Tuesday 6:00 PM HUB Crux
Marco Cerritelli Upperclassmen   Tuesday 7:30 PM Hub  
Brendan Keane Juniors   Tuesday 8:00 PM Sub 1  
Adam DeCelle Upperclassmen   Wednesday 7:00    
Sean Kilfeather Upperclassmen   Wednesday 8:30 JC  
Sean Kilfeather Sophomores & Juniors   Wednesday 9:30 PM On Campus - TBD  
Anthony Cirillo (full study) Upperclassmen   Thursday 7:30 PM Alec's Apt Musical Lectio, Hardest Questions, then Men of the OT
Zinjin Iglesia Sophomores   Thursday 8:00 PM Sub 1  
Mike Borinski Freshmen   Thursday 8:00 PM Tidewater 5th Fl. Common Rm Crux
Matt Boyle Freshmen   Friday 1:30 PM Blueridge 4th Fl. Common Rm Crux
Anthony Cirillo Upperclassmen   Friday 3:00 PM Anthony's Apt  
Taylor Washington Varsity Catholic (Mens Soccer) Athletes Friday 4:00 PM Ask Taylor Crux and Mind of a Christian Athlete
Brandon Riddle Sophomores   Sunday 3:00 PM Blueridge Common Rm Acts


Women's Bible Studies: Fall 2015 



Leader Year(s) Affinity Group Day Time Location Bible Study
Amy Janicki Junior/Senior   Monday 3:30 PM Northern Neck dorm  
Jennifer Alvarez Freshman   Monday 6:00 PM Eastern Shore The Crux
Erin Russell Soph/Juniors   Monday 7:00 PM   Salvation History
Katie Thompson Sophmore   Monday 7:20 PM Chapel Christ Like Leadership for Women
Claire Whitehead Upperclassmen   Monday 7:30 PM   Crux
Mary Kate Rivenburg Sophmore   Tuesday 3:00 PM Hub Feminine Genius
Allison Barnes Freshman   Tuesday 7:00 PM Hub Crux
Amy Janicki Junior/Senior   Tuesday 7:00 PM TBD  
Erin Powers Freshman   Tuesday     Crux
Juliane Veloso Upperclassmen   Wednesday 6:00 PM    
Becky Finger Freshmen   Wednesday 7:30 PM Hub Crux
Trinity Yansick Sophomore   Wednesday 7:30 PM Eastern Shore  
Erika Strano Freshman   Wednesday     Crux
Caitlin Gonsalves All   Wednesday 8:00 PM Johnson Center Living Gospel
Elizabeth Rubio freshman   Wednesday 8:00 PM    
Becky Finger Junior/Senior   Thursday 8:00 PM Mish house Unbound
Elizabeth Signorelli Senior   Thursday 8:00 PM HUB  
Roxio Roman Upperclassmen   Thursday 8:30 PM HUB Salvation History
Helen Evans Sophomore-Senior Greek Thursday      
Jackie Smith Junior   Friday 4:30 PM Northern Neck 3rd Floor